Only Time Will Tell

Gil Senik Alket and Jot
Government Headquarters, Sentek on mission day 1 at 1020 hours

Sentek. What a wretched place. Only a Cardassian could ever call it home, but given its rich dilithium reserves, the Breen took it several decades past while the Cardassians were distracted in their war with the Federation. Now they were back. Peering out the window of his cell, Jot watched a Hideki-class patrol ship on overflight.

In the time since the Cardassian advance, the Breen governor had a great deal of time to think. That the Cardassians were coming, that had been inevitable, but that they did not fight them off, that was on him. A veteran of the Dominion War, it hurt the proud former military commander to allow it to happen, but he knew it for the best.

At least Vor was safe. Vor, like most of his soldiers, was interned in Cardassian work camps. As long as they did not move against their captors, Jot’s surrender agreement with the Cardassians guaranteed that not a single Breen soldier or civilian would face capital punishment. Thus far, the Cardassians had upheld their end of the agreement. Even if they didn’t though, Jot wouldn’t regret the swift surrender, nor the fact he had not called in the threat before the Cardassians arrived. Their sacrifice would be remembered, just like the sacrifice of every soldier on Platform 4.

It was for the good of the future of the Confederacy.

Sitting in the observation room for the cell block, three Cardassians security officers flipped between the surveillance feeds of the different prisoners in the bloc, the ones viewed as too dangerous or influential to release into the work camps.

When he reached the cell holding Governor Jot, Glinn Alket paused for a second. What was the Breen man thinking beneath his isolation suit? Had he known the full extent of the events his actions would set in place? Or had he been a unwitting participant in them? For his sake, Glinn Alket wasn’t even sure the full extent of Governor Jot’s actions, if they were, in exclusivity, the catalyst or just a piece of a bigger picture. Only time would tell.

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