At least he has good taste in weapons.

Lieutenant Commander Kretorg and Lieutenant Commander Jeanne Lacroix
XO's office on mission day 6 at 1930 hours

After meeting with Ryan, Kre made his way to his office on deck 2. He wanted to meet the rest of the senior officers as soon as he could, so he decided to meet with Lt Commander Lacroix and check out his office at the same time. Once he grabbed something to eat to still his rumbling stomach, he made his way to his office.

=^= “Kretorg to Lacroix, respond.,” =^= Kre said tapping his badge, which now chirped immediately. Then Kre remembered he was not on a Klingon ship and added a “..please..” He could be polite again.

Jeanne was just in the middle of a training session as she heard the hail come in on her combadge. “Let’s take five” She said, somewhat out of breath before walking to the bench that had her combadge on it. =A=Lacroix here=A=

=^= I am the newly arrived XO and if possible, I would like to meet you as soon as possible. Can you join me in my office? =^=

=A= Of course, sir. Just give me a few minutes to freshen up=A= She said before walking out of the holodeck and heading to her quarters for a quick shower and to change back into a regular uniform rather than training gear.

When Kre was transported over, the transport officer offered to transport his personal belongings directly to his quarters, but as he walked into his office, there it was. His personal possessions were now staring at him. Obviously the placement was meant for his quarters and the office did not have the same layout. His duffel bag must have ended up on his chair, half was one side and half the other side of it, resulting in his clothing spilling out from where the bag was torn.  His blade weapons ended up in his desk, lovely….As he was still contemplating if it was the now familiar glitch he had been experiencing or the very junior transport officer who made an error, he became aware of someone standing behind him.

After cleaning up Jeanne had made her way to the XO’s office and walked in, in the back of her mind she wondered how long this one was going to last. She had of course already done her research on him as any operator worth her salt would.

“Commander, you wanted to speak to me?”

Kre tore his eyes away from his office shaking his head as he turned around. “Yes, please join me in my mess,” he invited with a dead pan face, extending his hand to let her in. At least the chair she would sit on was clear, not his own though. “I wanted to meet you and catch up on how you are and the state of your department before we start a new mission,” he explained while picking a few pieces of clothing off his chair and placed it on a heap before he sat down. His tight lipped grin displayed his attempt to laugh off the frustration with the transporter. Between them a bath’leth, an ancient katana, a D’k tagh and a handmade hunting knife were partially buried in his desk, forming a tight formation of blade weapons. “So, how are you?” he asked leaning back in his chair.

The man at least had a good taste in weapons, that was something Jeanne could always appreciate in a superior. Of course she herself preferred the more long range weapons, there was something to direct personal contact with the enemy but the comfort of taking down someone from a distance in her mind was more important. “Quite frankly, sir. The department is still functioning as well as when we started. Which is to say, on paper properly. In practice they have yet to be truly tested however. During the last operation brute force of a TACOPS unit was not needed as much as a more subtle approach focusing on espionage” She replied. “As for how I am, ready to serve the Federation

Kre had to wonder how soon would they require the brute force an assault force. On a normal exploration or diplomatic vessel, that was hardly ever needed. But they were not on a normal mission, not by a long shot. Literally, anything could happen. “What do you do to keep then on their toes?” he asked. <i>And out of trouble…<i>. Soldiers could get very restless if they didn’t see any action for any length of time.

“Well, just like I have an additional role as Chief Security Officer depending on specialty my team members help out in Security, Engineering and Medical when not actively committed to an operation. Beyond that there are intense training sessions to keep them in top condition continuously” Jeanne said as a response to the question.

“I have to get used to the fact that most of us have dual roles in terms of the teams,” Kre mused, more to himself. “That sounds good, Commander.” From what he read in her records, he was surprised that they hadn’t come across each other during their work Black Ops.  Even if  Kre had been attached to the Diplomatic Corps, he had worked with and as part of a number of covert divisions. He knew about the SID, in fact T’Pal, a very good friend was associated with that division. Kre was very familiar with the shadows of things that needed to be done, things that did not line up with the ideals of the Federation. But to keep those ideals intact, sometimes the unthinkable had to be done, and he was part of it. Coming out of his momentary reverie, he addressed her again. “Do you have any questions for me, or is there something you would like to bring to my attention?” he asked.

“Not at this point, I prefer learning more about my superiors by seeing them in action rather than by words. I am sure that as we go into future operations I will learn all I need to know. Sir” To any Officer with less experience that statement might sound intimidating but Jeanne knew well enough with his service record he’d likely see it otherwise.

She was quite right, he actually liked that attitude. “Good, I will expect nothing less. You are dismissed,” he said. Now he had to somehow get his blades out of his desk and the rest of his belongings to his quarters.

“Yes, sir” she said before turning around again to start on her actual on-ship duties as with the recent operation those had been lagging behind a bit.