Marine Meeting

Master Sergeant Alex Ryan and Major Soya Renota
USS Bellona on mission day 7 at 1100 hours

Alex had seen in the transfer list there was another Marine onboard, finally! Sure there were a few in the TACOPS teams, but he’d been the only one in a senior position, well technically two since he was also Chief of the Boat, but so far no one had come to him with any problems to be addressed under that hat. A new Marine in a senior position in a command required certain protocols and traditions be followed. Normally this included taking the new person out to get seriously blasted and make a fool of themselves, but on Bellona there wasn’t really any sufficient ‘downtime’ for getting blasted in such a manner. With all the activity and training, there was no day or even half a day to recover from the ordeal of the previous night. If nothing else, they could have a sit down, compare notes, and maybe, just maybe he’d find a sparring partner who didn’t mind the bumps and bruises that came from a good session!

“Master Sergeant Ryan to Major Soya. Do you have time for a brief sit down?” He asked over the comm system from his desk in Surveillance.

“Sure,” The Major replied looking up from a large tablet where she’d been reviewing the tactical preformance reports on the ship. “I’m free now if you’re available?” She asked, welcoming the reprieve from squinting over reports.

“Be up in a few minutes.” Alex said and closed the channel, gathering up a Padd or two and heading out of the office, letting the first person he saw know where he was heading. Surveillance was on Deck 8 and the TACOPS offices were on Deck 4. There were times he wondered, especially of late, if he made the right choice going with Surveillance rather than TACOPS, but at the end of the day he preferred operating on his own and that was the price he paid to do so. It also didn’t hurt that he was good at what he did in Surveillance. Besides, under the right circumstances, he could still deploy either with or in support of the TACOPS teams, like he’d done when they went after the mind burner.

In the few minutes he’d promised, he found himself outside the Major’s office, and as a matter courtesy he pressed the chime alongside the door to announce himself.

“Come,” The Major said looking up from her work. The door opened to reveal the Master Sergeant and she offered him a seat. “Master Sergeant Ryan, nice to meet you.” she said rising and offering the fellow marine her hand.

“Pleasure’s mine Major.” Alex said as he crossed the room and shook the offered hand before sitting down. “As the two senior Marines onboard, I thought it made sense for us to meet, maybe go over things, see if I can answer any questions and the like.”

“Of course, a marine Chief of the Boat and a marine Tactical Officer, I have an instructor from the academy that would be completely pissed. ‘The only place a marine should step foot on a starship is a cargo bay for transport’, he was quite a lovely man.” She remarked.

“I know the type.” Alex agreed with a chuckle. “But whenever shit hits the fan and Security is pissing themselves, they all look to us to fix whatever’s happening. Your typical hate-love relationship. They hate to love us.” He shrugged.

“Pretty much, now why don’t we get down to business.” She replied. “I’ve been reading the latest readiness reports, from what I can see it’s a case of be ready for anything and try not to lose our people.”

“For the most part.” Alex agreed. “Though as recent events have showed, that could be easier said than done. We didn’t lose any of our people, but the other guys managed to vaporize our suspect.”

“I was reading the report on that, who ever wanted him dead was well trained and executed a flawless assault,” She remarked. “Do we have any word on what our next mission may be?”

“Skipper says the orders are moving down the pipe, but aside from that,” Alex shrugged, “your guess is as good as mine. You know how it is Major, standby to standby.”

“Well, I’m glad to at least be on the ship and standing by instead of on that transport. I’ve got training with the members of my team that aboard this afternoon, you’re welcome to drop in and observe if you’d like.” She said.

“I might just do that.” Alex agreed. “I was originally supposed to be the Delta team lead, but I talked the Skipper out of it and he let me into Surveillance instead.”

“That must be a busy role given our mission.” She said with a grin, “but I’m sure we’ll all be busy, once we get underway I want to run tactical drills for all shifts. I’d like to coordinate that with you once we’re underway.”

“My network of eyes out amongst the stars took a hit with my murder trial,” Alex admitted with a shrug, “but with word of my reassignment back to active status and a little luck it’ll go back to its former size. Then of course there’s the internal issues to keep an eye on, like our Chief Engineer, the somewhat young and naïve Lieutenant Matthews not letting our Temporal Lead, Lieutenant Commander Brooks anywhere near the ships warp core without her supervision.” He said with a grin. “There’s always something to hear or keep an eye on. The ships crew, those not part of the ISA that is, could certainly do with some training drills. After the incident on the station I’ve got a few ideas for boosting our own internal security.”

“Good, we’re currently scheduled on a three shift rotation, I’d like to run 6 drills over three days, two for each shift. If you would like to plan and implement the two for alpha shift, I’ll be part of that rotation, I can run the drills for the other shifts but I’m a firm believer that everyone should be part of drills.” She replied handing the Master Sergeant a PADD.

“Oh, I think I can come up with something…. unorthodox.” Alex smirked. “Maybe some Borg in the CO’s quarters, or some spiked refreshments to render the senior staff incapacitated. Make the juniors have to step up.”

“I’ll leave that to your more than capable imagination.” She said, “Is there anything else we need to address at the present time Master Sergeant?”

“Negative ma’am. I think that covers everything. It’s a pleasure to have met you.” Alex said as he stood up.

“Good, we’ll get those training drills going.” Renota said with a nod.

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