Intelligence Support Activity

They called the concept the “Fourth Fleet Intelligence Support Activity”. He liked the name. Very boring and unassuming with bureaucratic buzzwords to really send it over the cliff of uselessness. The Starfleet Departmental Registry would describe it as an “interdisciplinary logistical support unit providing support where conventional platforms lacked the necessary personnel or expertise.” Perfectly fuzzy and trivial sounding.Commander Jake Lewis, Commanding Officer, USS Bellona

Starfleet faces many challenges, not all well-suited for its conventional platforms, and not all well-addressed within the common framework of ideals trumpeted by the Federation. Based off the USS Bellona, the Fourth Fleet’s Intelligence Support Activity exists to address these problems, operating quietly in the gray areas between right and wrong without drawing attention to sensitive matters.

The Intelligence Support Activity (commonly referred to as “the Activity” or “ISA”) is an integrated unit drawn from Starfleet, the Marine Corps, the Federation civil services and research institutions. It’s members have a range of backgrounds from Starfleet Intelligence and the Corps of Engineers to the Marine Corps and the Federation Marshals Service to the Daystrom and Manheim Institutes. Given its unique makeup, it’s command structure is based on its org chart, not traditional departmental roles, ranks or lack thereof, and when it deploys on a mission, a command structure is defined based on the composition of the operational team. Because it is a field unit, the majority of its members, even its civilian specialists, are field-ready with combat and intelligence training, meaning that even members of the scientific analysis teams are capable of deploying into tactical situations that require their skill set.

Operational Units

Tactical Operations
TACOPS is comprised of three firing squads: Delta, Echo and Zulu. Each squad is a full tactical team with demolitions, heavy weapons, infiltration, extraction and field medic expertise. These squads are designed to operate independently or in concert, with or without logistical support, and to integrate with other members of the ISA to ensure they’re capable of acting as an integrated command.
Science & Technology
SCITECH is divided into four analysis areas: Space & Planetary Sciences, Alien Technologies, Combat & Surveillance Technologies, and Temporal & Exotic Sciences. Members of these teams support the ISA during missions in their relevant subject areas, and at times they deploy as part of operational units such as when alien artifacts or temporal anomalies are an issue in the field.
Humanoid Intelligence
HUMINT is a focus on interactions with the living through three teams: Ecological & Cultural Analysis, Biological & Medical, and Psychological & Negotiations Operations. Members of these teams support the ISA in their relevant subject areas, and at times they deploy as part of operational units such as to investigate an ecological crisis or manage psychological warfare activities.
Special Aviation Wing
SAW specializes in getting the ISA into and out of the field through whatever means necessary. It includes both starfighters and pilots capable of piloting a wide range of craft in even the harshest of conditions. Its pilots are trained not only on Federation craft but also on alien craft in order to facilitate successful infiltrations and extractions for ISA operations.