Lieutenant Garrett Bennett

Service Record

Garrett Ethan Bennett

Addressed As

Lieutenant Bennett




Wing Commander
Special Aviation Wing (SAW)

Intelligence Support Activity

Flight Control Officer
Flight Control

Starship Operations

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Personal Data





December 9th, 2359


Dr Rebecca Blatchford-Bennett, PhD - Federation Stellar Cartography Bureau

Major Carter Bennett, Deceased - Killed During the Dominion War

Detective Matthew Bennett - Australian Police Department

Lieutenant Anna Bennett - USS Rotterdam, Chief Science Officer


The youngest of three siblings Garrett is often outgoing, he takes his career seriously and his duty to Starfleet is normally his first concern. During the Academy he wanted to one day Captain his own ship, the desire has waxed and waned over the years.

Bennett reads old Earth mystery novels and has recently taken up Kal-Toh, but admittedly he isn’t very good at it. He enjoys hiking and mountain climbing, but only when it’s real and not on the holodeck.


The son of a marine officer and a stellar cartographer, Garrett is the youngest of three. His father was often deployed and his mother a civilian working for Federation Stellar Cartography Bureau raising the children in the suburbs outside Melbourne. His older brother eventually became a police officer in the family’s homeland of Australia, and his sister also joined Starfleet, following their mother’s path as a scientist.

Growing up, Garrett was often the most outgoing of the three children. While he lacked his mother’s scientific skill, he seemed to inherit his father’s sense of duty. Enlisting in Starfleet when he was of age, he was accepted into the Academy and entered the flight control path. He displayed an aptitude for piloting both small crafts and large. In 2381, following graduation he was assigned as a Flight Control Officer on the USS Hephaestus, a Prometheus-class cruiser assigned to a joint Klingon-Federation task group along the boarder of the Cardassian Union. The tour saw the joint force work to ensure the Union followed their treaty commitments post-war.

In 2383, he was reassigned to the USS Portsmouth, a Galaxy-class carrier, moving from the helm of a ship to the cockpit of a Gryphon-class fighter. Serving as a squadron leader, he was promoted to full Lieutenant two years later. In early 2386 the Portsmouth was reassigned to assist Starfleet Intelligence on a classified mission in the deep Beta Quadrant.

During this mission, Bennett impressed Rear Admiral Kyle Waters the flag officer SFI assigned to the ship for the mission. Waters offered Bennett a posting with SFI but he declined. He had apprehensions of serving with Intelligence. Instead, when the mission was concluded and the Portsmouth going in for refit, Bennett was assigned to Starbase 247 along the Romulan border. Group leader for the fighter contingent the change of pace ended up becoming tedious. The majority of his service here involved flying CAP and escorting Romulan vessels in and out the aerospace.

18 months after the assignment he requested transfer. Admiral Waters, now a Vice Admiral, again offered him an assignment. This time he accepted it as was assigned to the USS Bellona and the Fleet Intelligence Support Activity.

Service Record


Special Air Wing Commander / Flight Control Officer
USS Bellona (Insignia Class)
2386 - 2388

Group Leader
Starbase 247
2385 - 2386

Squadron Leader
USS Portsmouth (Galaxy Class)
2383 - 2385

Lieutenant J.G.
Squadron Leader
USS Portsmouth (Galaxy Class)
2381 - 2383

Flight Control Officer
USS Hephaestus (Prometheus Class)
2377 - 2381

Senior Cadet
Flight Control Cadet
Starfleet Academy