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Soya Renota

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Soya has dark skin and chocolate brown eyes, she's lean a childhood of a malnourishment replaced by a highly regimented fitness routine. She's of above average height but not sustainably. She has the nasal ridges typical of her people but having long since given up the religion of her people no longer wears the the traditional Bajoran ear ring. Numerous scars are present across her body from both her service and time in the resistance, the most prominent of which is a long scar down her back starting at the left shoulder.


Soya’s childhood trauma have left her reserve and closed off, she doesn’t let people in easily and has few she would consider friends. She has a strong sense of duty and has put her career ahead of her personal life. It also makes it easier to not have to open up, she maintains very few personal effects and her quarters are often sparse if decorated at all.


An Occupied Life

Soya Renota was born in 2350 in Lonar Province on Bajor during the Cardassian Occupation, when she was only two years old her Father and oldest brother were both killed by Cardassian soldiers. Her father had been shot for working too slow, under the brutal conditions on the plantations that covered most of Lonar. Her brother, 15 years old, was killed when he tried to attack the Cardassian that murdered his father right in front of him.

Renota and her remaining three siblings had a hard life, her mother did what she could to provide for them, often going without, when Renota was 11 a Cardassian patrol came in to the small hut that was the families home, her two older sister were taken by the patrol to serve as pleasure women on Terok Nor. Renota was deemed too young, barely, and her mother who had been badly disfigured in a fire at plantation she worked was deemed unfit for serving the Cardassians.

Three years latter, following the death of her mother Renota, now alone in the world joined the Resistance, only 14 years old she helped prepare food for the others in her cell, and was soon trained as a medic. The members of her resistance cell became the only family she had, having no memories of her father, or older siblings she struggled to hold onto the memories of her mother and sisters, drawing pictures of them as best she could to try to keep the fleeting images in her mind a little longer.

When Renota was older she became more involved in the insurgent efforts against the Cardassians, when she was 17 she lead a raid on a Cardassian outpost, the raid killed 47 Cardassian soldiers, and netted a cache of weapons for the cell. The Cardassians however levelled the village the next day in retaliation. 218 Bajorans lost their lives, including more than half of her cell. The last two years of the occupation saw the young woman become more and more callous in her attacks on the Cardassians, she was a woman with nothing left to lose.

The Occupation Ends and Bajor Begins to Heal

In mid 2369 the occupation ended, Starfleet officers poured on to the planet as Federation aid tried to compensate for decades off merciliess occupation and a pillaged planet. Not knowing any other life Renota accepted a commission as a Lieutenant in the Bjoran Militia. Like many former resistance fighters the conversion from fighting an enemy at any cost to keeping the peace and defending the planet was a hard change. She spent two years in Lonar Province in northern Bajor trying to settle into a life that resembled nothing she knew. In early 2373 she was approached by Kyic Adamma, the closest thing she had to family during the occupation and an odd combination of resistance cell leader and spiritual advisor. Despite Renota long having lost faith in the Prohopits she always headed Adamma’s advise, the older woman had handled the post-occupation transition better than many in Lonar Province, and she offered Renota to take over as the head of her security detail, as she had been elected to the Council of Ministers.

The move to the Capital proved to be yet another transition that was hard for Renota to adapt to. While the privileges of position and rank meant a significant increase in the luxuries she was entitled to it was hard for her to accept that this would be her existence.

The Dominion War and Starfleet Service

Tensions in the Alpha Quadrant had continued to increase and when the Dominion War broke out she saw her chance to return to a life she knew. An enemy to attack, everything else was secondary. She requested to join Starfleet, and with Minister Kyic’s recommendation she was granted provisional commission as a Lieutenant and a security officer aboard the Steamrunner-class USS Finland.

The Finland, based out Starbase 375 and nominally assigned to the Second Fleet had just rolled of the production line three days before the official declaration of war. She had been upgraded with better weapons than the class normally carried and along with her air group was assigned often tasked by Starfleet Intelligence to carry out deep strikes on targets well beyond the front. During the last year of the war the vessel was quietly equipped with a Klingon cloaking device and worked as part of a joint strike team that carried out attacks in the deepest reaches of Caradassian Space.

The Finland made it through the entire war, up until the final Battle for Cardassia Prime, when she was destroyed by a Jem’Hadar Battle Cruiser. Renota was one of only 14 to make it to the escape pods before the Captain piloting the failing ship into the same battle cruiser that had mortally wounded the Finland. The Finland may not have survived, but neither did the Jem’Hadar.

Post War

With the war ended Renota returned to Bajor, promoted to Major she resumed her duty as Kyic Adamma’s security chief, Kyic now the Commerce Minister, and at the forefront Bajoran politics. Despite spending two years in the position Renota was restless. It wasn’t until it was gone that she realized how much she craved the ordered disciplined life that service in Starfleet had given her. As Adamma prepared to begin campaigning for the First Ministership Renota packed her bags and left Bajor for the last time. Heading to Earth she formally enlisted in Starfleet.

Past experience and years of service in an allied force meant Soya completed two years of professional training at the Academy. Commissioned in 2382 as a Major in the Marines she was assigned as the Detachment Commander aboard the USS Coronado. The Concorde-class carrier reminded her of the Finland in some ways, but much bigger. The Coronado was assigned to a four year expedition scouting the Gamma Quadrant, keeping tabs on the several of the more hostile species that had been found during the explorative years of Deep Space 9 before the war. Two years after the ship deploy Major Soya was reassigned to serve as Chief Tactical Officer, the ship had had a bad first contact with the Rokaisa, a Saurian race native to the Giaon Expanse who viewed trespassing in their territory as a major offence. The ship lost 29 crew in the battle, including three members of the senior staff.

Serving as a bridge officer for the reminder of the tour Major Soya got a taste of Command, and it wasn’t something she was opposed to. When the tour ended in 2383 the Coronado was mothballed like the rest of her class the Concordes now replaced with newer faster better equipped ships as the Federation finally began to move past the post-war era.

The Druid, the Incident, and the Intelligence Service

From the Coronado, a huge carrier, to the USS Druid, part of a flight of specialized Diligent Class ships assigned to Starfleet Intelligence Soya following a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel served as Second Officer and Intelligence Chief.

In 2385 the Druid was assigned to keep tabs on a brewing rebellious faction in the Cardassian Union. Still recovering from the post-war destruction, a faction composed mainly of former high ranking Obsisan Order agents was believed to be preparing for a break away. They had amassed resources and personnel in a planetary system on the outskirts of the Union. It was believed by SFI that they were preparing bio-weapons and the Druid was tasked with investigating.

During the mission, the Druid came under attack, with Soya in the centre chair the Druid engaged and destroyed the attacking vessel. However, after it lost power it made planet fall on Follis II, the planet where the faction was based. The remains of the ship crashed into a weapons depot, releasing several biological agents into the planets atmosphere. The incident resulted in the deaths of over six-hundred thousand Cardassians, as well as the 7 member Starfleet away team from the Druid.

The Druid returned to Earth, the entire crew relieved of duty as a Special Inquiry was called. Over the next 9 months Soya and the other crew members testified about the events leading up to the incident. Every decision she had made was directed, analysed, and cross checked. Eventually the final report for the commission was that she had acted appropriately in engaging the Cardassian ship, but was derelict in ensuring the safety of the away team. Despite her appeal that to drop the shields to beam up the away team, would have resulted in the loss of the entire ship and crew and the hands of the Cardassians, she was demoted to Major and served one month detention.

Emerging from detention she was surprised to see Vice Admiral Thomas Marlow he had serviced as one of the three admirals heading the investigation, he offered her a position with Starfleet Intelligence as Team Leader of a Special Analytics Unit. The unit was tasked with trying to determine what posed the greatest risks to the Federation and how those risks could be alleviated. The unit was based at headquarters on Earth. She served here for two years before being reassigned to the USS Bellona and the Intelligence Support Activity.

Service Record


Tactical Unit Team Lead
Chief Tactical Officer

USS Bellona
2386 - 2388

Team Leader
Special Analytical Unit, Starfleet Intelligence
2385 - 2386

Follis II Investigation
2383 - 2385

Lieutenant Colonel
Chief Intelligence Officer
Second Officer

USS Druid
2382 - 2383

Chief Tactical Officer
USS Coronado
2379 - 2382

Detachment Commander
USS Coronado
2377 - 2379

Transfer Cadet
Starfleet Professional Academy
2375 - 2377

Council of Ministers Detail Security Chief
Major - Bajoran Militia
2373 - 2375

Security Officer (Provisional)
USS Finland
2371 - 2373

Council of Ministers Detail
Captain - Bajoran Militia
2369 - 2371

Lonar Province
Lieutenant - Bajoran Militia