Lieutenant Commander Sam Moss

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Samuel Moss

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Lieutenant Commander Moss


Lieutenant Commander


Chief Operations Officer

Starship Operations

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December 2, 2356


Antwaan Moss

Lily Moss

Jual Moss

Lieutenant Commander Samuel "Sam" Moss currently serves as the Chief Operations Officer.


Sam is a quiet person that rarely get upset unless it is someone messing with his son or his ship. It has been noted by past Commanding Officers, that Sam is passionate about his job, but it is really his son that he care for. Since the loss of his wife, Sam has retreated into himself and only his son seems to bring him out when in a public setting.

However, past Commanders have also noted that when working, he will go beyond the call of duty when it comes to his shipmates and his ship. He will stand by anyone who he believes that is in the right, no matter how long it takes to prove them right.


Samuel was late- 2356 to Doctors Antwaan and Lily Moss on Andoria during a Medical Summit. While Sam was a young child, his parents decided that since they didn’t have any family left on Earth or anywhere else in the Federation that they would raise him while they traveled. Sam was really an easy child to raise as he spent most of his time working on a puzzle or playing with his toys.

When Sam was fifteen, he began to work with his tutors on preparing to enter Starfleet Academy however he would receive news that his parents were killed during a hostage situation on Mars. Sam was placed into an Andorian orphanage for the next three years; Sam devoted himself to study for his entrance into Starfleet. Two months before his admitted into Starfleet Academy, Sam learned that the Junior Councillor of Andoria to the Federation would be his sponsor. This act shocked Sam as he later learned that Councillor was a friend to his father after saving the man life.

During his time at the Academy, Sam majored in Starship Operations with a minor in Medical mainly because he was the son of two doctors.

Sam first assignment after graduating from Starfleet Academy was to the Ambassador-class starship named the USS Saturn, which was under the command of Rear Admiral Wade, the former-Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 9.

After four years of serving on the Saturn, Sam would be reassigned to the USS Tucker as the ship Quartermaster. While serving on the Tucker, Sam would meet a former classmate of his from the Academy who was serving on the ship as a Security Officer, Lieutenant V’zon. Sam and V’zon would begin a romance that would end with her giving birth to his son just before Sam left for his reassignment to the Saturn.

Service Record


Lieutenant Commander
Chief Operation Officer
USS Bellona
2386 - 2388

Lieutenant Commander
Chief Operation Officer
USS Patriot
2384 - 2386

Chief Operation Officer
USS Saturn
2380 - 2384

Lieutenant J.G.
USS Tucker
2378 - 2380

Operation Officer
USS Saturn
2374 - 2378

Freshman Cadet
Operation Cadet
Starfleet Academy