Master Sergeant Alex Ryan

Service Record

Alexander David Ryan

Addressed As

Master Sergeant


Master Sergeant


Team Lead
Combat & Surveillance Technologies Team (COMSURV)

Science & Technology Analysis Group (SCITECH)

Intelligence Support Activity

Chief of the Boat

Played By


Personal Data





June 11, 2349


Professor Thomas Allen Ryan, PhD

Alice Susan Ryan (Maiden: Wilson)

Jennifer Ryan, M.D, Luna, Private Practice

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black

Alex is not a physically imposing man in his normal attire. His physical strength is not overtly displayed through bulging muscles. He is lean and athletic looking in build. He is of average height for a human and keeps himself in good condition by strictly following his exercise plan. His brown hair is kept short, for a civilian or long for a service member.

His eyes have been described as cold or emotionless by subordinates and mischievous or playful and loving by friends and family, how this is possible with black eyes Alex doesn't know. He has a friendly and infectious grin and is considered easy going until someone pushes his good humor too far and then they discover he does not tolerate fools gladly.


General Overview:

Alex is cool and collected in tense situations. He tries to keep the big picture in mind when dealing with problems. A dedicated and loyal team player he can be relied on by all around him. He has a friendly disposition, unless pushed too far. He is known as a practical joker and a 19th and 20th century Earth military history buff.

Alex is a man of action and his little patience when bureaucracy hinders resolving a situation. He isn’t afraid to give his opinion, be it positive or negative to whoever needs it, be they superior or subordinate. This has occasionally hampered his career advancement.


Strengths & Weaknesses:

He has a very strong drive to prove himself to everyone important in his life. He broke the family tradition by joining the Marines instead of going on to higher education as the majority of his family had done before him. To a certain degree he feels that he is looked down on by his father and grandfather for not following in their footsteps. He pushes himself harder than anyone else can and is proportionately harder on himself for his mistakes than his superiors are. He knows he cannot be perfect in the field, but does his best to be as close to it as possible.

He exercises and lifts weights extensively and is exceptional physical shape and trains extensively in several martial arts, both Terran and otherwise.


Hobbies & Interests:

Alex considers himself to be an avid outdoorsman. He has no problem going out for a weekend to climb a mountain all day and set up camp at the top and sleep under the stars. Or kayaking down a river until dusk and fishing for his dinner.

During his time in the Marine’s he developed a love for martial arts of all types, terran or otherwise. He uses them as an extensive part of his workouts. During his quiet moments he is a firm believer in meditation and has been known to sit down at night and play his guitar.


Alex was born on June 11, 2349. He never knew his birthparents as he was given up for adoption immediately upon his birth. In 2351 his foster parents were finally able to officially adopt him. They had always wanted a son, but were able to conceive after their daughter was born. They loved him as their own and raised him as such, treating him no different than they did their daughter.

All through school, Alex was at best an average student, unlike his sister who seemed to always have straight A’s. Alex was normally in the B range. However, he did excel in sports, everything from Parises Squares to baseball, to track and field. To Alex it was obvious he wasn’t going to be pursuing higher education, much to the frustration of his parents who wanted him to do more with his life than play sports.

Living in San Francisco, he sometimes competed against cadets from the Academy in some of the district level sporting tournaments. Despite being several years younger than the cadets, he became good friends with several. It was through these friendships that he got the idea to enlist. He looked at the options available to him and after doing his research he came to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to cut it in the majority of Starfleet’s career fields, with the exception of maybe Security. The Federation Marine Corps on the other hand, seemed to have many options that he could fit into.

Service Record

2369 - 2369

MCRD Parris Island
2369 - 2370

Private 1st Class
SOI East Camp Geiger
2370 - 2371

Lance Corporal
Reconnaisance Infantryman
B Co, 1st Batt. 2nd Marine Division
2371 - 2372

Advanced Intelligence Training
2372 - 2374

Counter Intel Specialist
Counter Intelligence Section, Starfleet Intelligence
2374 - 2376

Counter Intel Specialist
Counter Intelligence Section, Starfleet Intelligence
2376 - 2377

Infiltration Specialist
USS Viper
2377 - 2379

Staff Sergeant
Infiltration Specialist
USS Viper
2379 - 2381

Staff Sergeant
Reconaissance Squad Leader
4th Force Reconnaisance Company
2381 - 2381

Staff Sergeant
Starfleet Academy, Advanced NCO Course
2382 - 2385

Gunnery Sergeant
Marine Liason
Starfleet Intelligence
2385 - 2387

Master Sergeant
Infiltration Specialist
Spragus Colony
2388 - 2388

Master Sergeant
Combat & Surveillance Team Leader
ISA, USS Bellona