“To walk quietly in the grey areas, to do the things that must be done, and to embrace pragmatism in order to save idealism.”

Since its formation, Starfleet has reached out into every quadrant of the galaxy with an idealistic mandate to explore strange new works, to seek out new lives and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before. Unfortunately, reality has not always matched the vision. There have been crises and wars, catastrophes and massacres, times when the definitions of right and wrong have been tested.

As the 2380’s draw to a close, tension on every frontier stands to test the Federation’s resolve. Emboldened after years rebuilding its strength, the Cardassian Union has begun to flex its muscles, invading the Breen Confederacy and continuing its push into the Gavarian Corridor. In response, its neighbors have mobilized, threatening a decade of peace along the Federation’s Alpha Quadrant border. Meanwhile in the Beta Quadrant, aggression from the Klingon Empire has reached a new high, the Gorn Hegemony has invaded and annexed a portion of the Canterra sector, and the Romulan Empire, still in seclusion following the Hobus disaster, appears to be moving again in the shadows. Even at home, conspiracy threatens to rock the core of Starfleet.

It is out of this darkness that the Intelligence Support Activity draws its mandates. Based off the USS Bellona, the benignly named unit has one purpose: to walk quietly in the grey areas, to do the things that must be done, and to embrace pragmatism in order to save idealism.

The USS Bellona is a collaborative narrative, often called a “simm”, telling the story of an intelligence outfit, the Intelligence Support Activity, operating within the expanded Star Trek universe of Bravo Fleet.

Our story is set in the year 2388, thirteen years after the end of the Dominion War and a year after the Romulan homeworld was destroyed by the Hobus hypernova. For more information about the general setting, check out the Bravo Fleet Infobase.

The Activity

The Intelligence Support Activity (“The Activity” or “ISA”) is an interdisciplinary operational unit comprised of four units: Tactical Operations (TACOPS), Science & Technology Analysis (SCITECH), Humanoid Intelligence Operations (HUMINT), and the 72nd Special Aviation Wing (SAW72).

The People

The men and women who serve on the USS Bellona and make up the Intelligence Support Activity hail from a wide range of backgrounds, serving in Starfleet Operation, Intelligence and the marine corps, as well as Federation postings like the Daystrom Institute and the Diplomatic Corps.

The Ship

The USS Bellona is an Insignia-class starship, a modular space frame in this case specifically outfitted for the Intelligence Support Activity’s mandate with specialized sensors, weapons, training facilities, interrogation and holding cells, research facilities, etc., at the expense of some basic amenities.

Recent Posts

We Need Ideas
Commander Jake Lewis, Lieutenant Commander Tom Brooks, Lieutenant Commander Kretorg, Lieutenant Commander Jeanne Lacroix, Lieutenant Commander Sam Moss, Major Soya Renota, Lieutenant Jennifer Matthews, Lieutenant Lisa Hall, Master Sergeant Alex Ryan and Lieutenant Garrett Bennett

Positioned aft on deck 1, the briefing room offered the best view in the house, save the bridge itself. Lieutenant Hall, hands clasped behind her back with a cold and sharp expression on her face, barely noticed the beauty of the stars streaking by her as she looked out the rear window. Staring into the […]


Two flies with one swat, have a whiskey and work
Lieutenant Commander Kretorg and Major Soya Renota

Even though it was quite late, Kre was anxious to get going even though he would have to wait around the station for what felt like forever. That was all he had been doing day in and day out since his journey began four months ago.. He hesitated to tap his badge, but then decided […]


At least he has good taste in weapons.
Lieutenant Commander Kretorg and Lieutenant Commander Jeanne Lacroix

After meeting with Ryan, Kre made his way to his office on deck 2. He wanted to meet the rest of the senior officers as soon as he could, so he decided to meet with Lt Commander Lacroix and check out his office at the same time. Once he grabbed something to eat to still his […]


If there is a leak, it will be plugged…
Lieutenant Commander Kretorg and Master Sergeant Alex Ryan

If there was one person that could assist Kre in finding his feet on this ship, it was the COB. There may be officers, but the enlisted crew ran the ship. Without them and the COB, they would go nowhere and go there fast. =^= “Kretorg to Ryan, please respond” =^= Kre said tapping his badge. […]


Welcome Relief
Lieutenant Commander Kretorg and Commander Jake Lewis

With a mixture of relief and elation, Lieutenant Commander Kretorg stepped onto the boat. As soon as his identity was verified, the security officer directed him to the bridge at his request. As he stood for a few moment and took in the layout of the bridge, it was hard not to notice the Captain […]


Effect Before Cause
Commander Jake Lewis, Lieutenant Commander Tom Brooks, Rear Admiral Michael West and Leon Rice

It had been a busy day for sure. Sixteen hours ago, they’d just been starting the interrogation of the Mind Burner. Since then, Commander Lewis had been incapacitated by a black ops hit squad, stormed into Starbase 141’s Command and Control Center, debriefed his operators, blackmailed a Commodore, met some new staff, and worked a […]


Marine Meeting
Master Sergeant Alex Ryan and Major Soya Renota

Alex had seen in the transfer list there was another Marine onboard, finally! Sure there were a few in the TACOPS teams, but he’d been the only one in a senior position, well technically two since he was also Chief of the Boat, but so far no one had come to him with any problems […]


A New Routine
Major Soya Renota

Renota lounged on the couch in her quarters, tucked away on deck three it right between the bridge and the TACOPS facilities. The large screen across from her was streaming the latest readiness reports for the ship. In her hands was a large tablet with the personnel files for her team. She had scheduled a […]


Disaster Recovery
Lieutenant Jennifer Matthews and Lieutenant Commander Sam Moss

Jenni had just started to stir when the internal comm system chimed. “Bridge to Lieutenant Matthews.” “What?” she muttered, rolling over to check the time on the chronometer beside the bed. She’d just gone to bed three hours before, just after her team had completed the overhaul to the EPS grid on Decks Eight through […]


Hurry Up and Wait
Lieutenant Commander Kretorg

[Early morning MD 6: USS Trafalgar] So much for arriving earlier than expected! “Hurry up and wait” Kre thought frustrated when he heard the news that Station 141 is on lock down and now the SS Vanguard had to hang back until cleared. He had never spend so much time in the holodeck as he had […]